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Hello Scoust from all around the World!


Do you think to come and organize your camp in Hungary?
It is a smart choice. Why? Read more.

I think there are 5 important fact what you need to consider about your summer camp

  1. Weather
    • In Summer you would like to enjoy the SUN and the warm and possible dry weather. Correct?
    • If yes. Hungary is a good choice as in July-August the temperature is about 25-32°C at daytime. Check out the weather statistics from 2014 here.
    • As our Scout Centre Budapest lies in a valley it is colder during the early and late hours so you can sleep well, but during the day time is hot again.

      Panoramic view of the Scout Centre Budapest
  2. Camp Site (& the staff behind)
    • Our camp site is beautiful, as we have a great mixture of territories. We are located in a valley. We have nice green sites, meadows, and forest as well. So every group can have their own private space.
    • We are the largest Scout Centre in Hungary. ♣ We are the closest Scout Centre to Budapest. ♣ Do you need more reason to visit us? 🙂
    • We provide an “open-air” summer kitchen where you can cook your own food, or you can order hot / cold meals from us. Both is possible.
    • We offer you various adventures both: off site and on site activities as well…
    • We have about 50-150 guests same time on site so you do not feel alone, but it is not owercrowded like in jamborees.
    • We are Hungarian scouts. Scouts are helpful and Hungarians are world famous about it’s hospitality. Do you need more reason to come?
    • We are alwasy helpful to prepare your programme at our office in the Scout Centre. ♣ We have city plans, guide books, hiking maps and everything what you need for your holiday to enjoy.

      Tent for rent at Scout Centre Budapest
  3. Activities
    • It is important for leaders to have the possibiliti to be able to organize a camp with full of adventures programmes. Here at Scout Centre Budaest is possible!

      Canoeing at Scout Centre Budapest
      Canoeing with Scout Centre Budapest
    • We can organize you the following off site programmes: canoeing on the Danube River ♣ Biking tour in Budapest ♣ Extrem Caving tours ♣ Hiking tours around the hills of Budapest ♣ Visiting Balaton Uplands National Park for 2-3 days to enjoy the biggest hot lake in Central Europe without the salty taste of the seas
    • We have every thursday our international camp fire, where you can learn new games from eachothers and find new friends from different nations. ♣ We can teach your group how to cook the traditional world famous goulash suop or the lángos – if you want! 🙂
    • You can help us running the Centre as wel, so if you would like to do volunteer work you are really welcome! 🙂 (We are looking for summer volunteers and children animators for running our camps! ♣ And what about the lasertag?
  4. Budget
    • Budget is one of the most imoprtant. There is a lot of possibility which is nice but not affordable for scouts because of the limit of our money.
    • Getting to Hungary
      • Hungary is a very price-value destination. You can plan your trip with a lot of low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair or WizzAir. (If you purchase the WizzAir Clubcard you can save 10€ / flight ticket!) ♣  You can arrive by International Trains or with Eurolines to Budapest.
      • We suggest you to try out two travel planner website. Skyscanner for flights or Rome2Rio. Usually the earlier you book, the cheaper you can travel to us!
      • We can organize your private luggage + personal transportation from / to your trainstation/airport.
    • Transportation within Hungary
      • Inbound transportation is very cheep 150km one-way U26 ticket for EU citisens is 2.500 HUF = 8 EUR / person. (This is the distance from Budapest to Balaton)
      • Public Transport within Budapest is also cheep for groups. Group ticket for 2-5 persons for 24 hrs is 3.300 HUF = 10 EUR (=2 EUR /person for 24hours!!!)
      • We are 2,5 hours from the Budapest Airport with public transportation and 60 minutes with private busses
    • Food and beverages
      • It is really up to you. BUT if you cook for your selves you can calculate with 3-4 EUR / person for 3 times meal.
      • Daily hot-meal menüs are around 990-1.500 HUF / person = 4-5 EUR depending where you eat this (usually it is a soup+main dish + drink) Do not beleive it? Check out the i.e. the Tesco prices here.
    • Programmes
      • If you calculate a 2-3.000 HUF / person / day for programmes you live like a king in Hungary. 🙂  Spa/Aquaworld is around 3-4.000 HUF / person (12-14€) ♣ Visiting the House of Parliament 2.000 HUF / person (6.6€) ♣ House of (Communist) Terror 1.000 HUF / student (3.3€)
    • Going out
      • First of all Ruin pubs in the Downtown of Budapest/Pest side. Entry is free or max 1.000 HUF
      • Drinks: Beer is from 1.6 EUR (500-900 HUF)
      • Eating in a restaurant: Main courses from 2.500 HUF (8.3€)
  5. Safety
    • For Leaders and Parents safety comes first. We think the same.
    • Hungary is a safe country. Of course Budapest -as every big city in the World – has some quaters which are not so nice or safe.
    • We have a first aid box at our Scout Centre, although we are on the border of Budapest the ambulance car is within 30 mins on site. (Tested…)
    • Health care:
      • Lot of our scout fellows works in hospitals so we can help you if you need emergency treatments. If you are an EU citisen and you have your EHIC (formerly E-111 card) you do need to pay only for the medicines in most of the cases.)


I am sure you have more question. This is normal. 🙂  Please write us an e-mail and we can help you to organize your trip to Hungary & Scout Centre Budapest. We can help you to find good hostels, camping places, Hungarian Scout Groups and even we can help calculating your budget as well…

Pick-up transport to the Bus station from/to Scout Centre Budapest 🙂