Hello Scouts!

We are going to publish the projects for 2016 in December 2015. If you have an interest please send us an e-mail. Thank you.


For detailed information click here.

For application please CLICK HERE.

  • Would you like to HELP the largest Scout Centre in HUNGARY?
  • Would you like to find for your rovers a USEFUL social PROJECT?
  • Would you like to ENJOY THE SUN during the volunteer work?

We have 4 projects for 2014. If you have interest on one of them, please send us your application. The dates are flexible. We can send you a detailed project plan by e-mail.

PLAYGROUND PROJECT                          Date: 7-20 July 2014

  • We would like to build a wooden playground in 2014.
  • Using only wood, and ropes
  • Painting, and some light physical constructive work is waiting for you! Ready?
  • Maximum group of 20 scouts, plus leaders

RENOVATION OF THE TÁRNICS GUEST HOUSE             Date: 7-20 July 2014

  • Re-painting the walls
  • Establish new sleeping area in the loft.
  • Maximum group of 20 scouts, plus leaders

ORIENTEERING TRIAL PROJECT                                Date: 21-27 July 2014

  • Different types of orienteering routes with lot of hidden treasure.
  • Plan the routes, and construct it within the 10 hectare big Scout Centre.

BIRD WATCH STATION PROJECT                                Date: 21-27 July 2014

  • We would like to have a station, where you can watch the magical birds while they are eating, drinking or having a bath.
  • A station where you can see the birds but you are well covered to be able to make photos.

Working standards

  • Please bring hand gloves and baseball cap with you.
  • Volunteering is only possible on workdays (Mo-Fri) between 10-12:30 and 15-17; not on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Please note that, leaders of the group have to work with their scouts and supervise them.