Spanyol önkéntesünk naplója

Pablo a volunteer from Spain has spent the summer with us. Here you can read his notes. Click!
Pabló idén (2014) nyáron önkénteskedett a Cserkészparkban 5 hetet. Erről olvashattok egy izgalmas beszámolót.

Week 1 Like every beginning – It was hard

Hello!!! I’m Pablo and I’m doing a voluntary service in the Scout Centre of Budapest. I come from Spain and I’ll be in Hungary for a little bit over a month, during this period I’ll be writing a dairy about my daily tasks and some other events and experiences I have in the camp.

This was the adaptation week and wasn’t so easy to do it basically because of the language barrier…
Due not all of my mates spoke English, luckily some of them helped me a lot and everything went very well since then.
I also had to get used to the schedule and the way things works here but I think this happens everywhere when you’re new.

Pablo as a volunteer at Scout Centre Budapest

We made a very interesting game on Thursday night, it was a kind of bravery test for children in which they had to pass different tests and walk in the forest without lights, just following a rope that leaded them the way but they amazed me because they were so brave that none of them got afraid when we tried to scared them coming out from bushes, making noises or moving branches in the middle of the darkness.


Week 2 Canoeing

This week was amazing and I had so much fun that I didn’t want to leave one day earlier but I had to because of my schedule.

I started making games for children (since they are all Hungarians I couldn’t really communicate with them but thanks to some colleagues who translated me I could manage to do everything I wanted) and playing with them, we made campfires on Tuesday and Wednesday, went to the swimming pool on Wednesday afternoon and played baseball on Thursday.

Finally on Sunday I went canoeing with an Irish Scout group and we rowed for two hours up the Danube River until Szentendre where we stopped and had the Hungarian typical snack called “Lángos”, very tasty.

Week 3 A perfect week!

An International Volunteers group came to the camp and they’ll stay here for the next two weeks, fixing the laser tag place and building up a bivac.

This week was the best one so far because now I feel much more integrated and I’m also learning some useful sentences in Hungarian and some others not so useful but funny.

We made awesome games with the children like an orienteering race with different tasks in every station, athletic competitions and we went to the zoo as well. This is what I call a “perfect week”.


Week 4 A Week of silence

Poharak várják a táborozókat a Sztrilich Pál Cserkészparkban

When there is no camp, there is no joy and this place looks orphan without kids. This was a very sad and boring week, just a lot of physical work and loneliness, time for reflection and reading but at least I’m in this beautiful place. Next week will be much better.

The International Volunteers group is leaving on Saturday and they made a very good job in the bivac, congratulations!!!



Week 5 Futsi, futsi! J

The camp is getting full of scout groups, there’re groups from Denmark, Belgium, two from The Netherlands and some Hungarians as well.

This week there was a special group coming from an orphanage, children were older than other weeks but they were awesome too, we had loads of fun playing different games together as well as football, their passion for sure as they always repeated the same sentence: “Pablo, futsi futsi!”, and I taught them how to dance and sing “Macarena”, a very famous spanish song from the 90’s.

Scout Centre Budapest

Balázs introducing a game at Scout Centre Budapest

I also went canoeing with te Danish group and guided them all the way up from the Nautic club to the city of Szentendre and back, and we visited the city once again, discovering new and nice places.


There’s also a small group of French scouts that will be here for the next two weeks and in this week they’ll build up a bird watching place in the camp and I’m supervising and helping them to develop their project. Tey found a perfect spot for observin bird and made a reat job.


Epilogue ♣ Thank you Pablo!

Dear Pablo!

You were the first summer volunteer at SCB.  Thank you for all your help. Kids liked you, we appreciate your support what you have done for our guest around the World. We met a great person in you. I hope to see you soon. Greg


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