Would you like to be part of a great chasing game?

Do you think you cannot get caught, if you can go wherever you wish in the city?

Our newly developed game, the Obscure, is a live action game playable with smartphones, in which a team can play two roles.

As the chasers you get only some obscure information on the whereabouts of the other teams, but the escaping ones are left totally alone and can rely on themselves only.

During the chase rise unexpected tasks, and if a team is caught, they change the roles between themselves, and another exciting escape begins, every moment of which is worth more than gold!

Recommended age: 14+ (with one responsible adult leader in each team)
Expected price: 23.000 HUF/team
Timeframe: 5 hours (the game itself takes 4 hours, with twice ½ hours of briefing and debriefing at the beginning and at the end)

Other important information:
– number of members in a team: 2-8 persons (with one responsible adult leader in each team)
– the more teams you have, the more exciting is the game
– minimum number of players: 8 persons (than play four 2-person teams)
– in order to play each group needs at least one smartphone with Android 5.0 (or newer) operation system

Ask for a quote: info@scoutpark

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